Experience the splendor of nature in Nepal

Nepal tourism

Nepal tourism from India fetches travelers of all sorts. While some look for religious sites, others are more fascinated by the culture & history of the country!
Well heeled in flora and fauna, Nepal is truly a land of surprise for it opens up with a delightful treat of nature along with an essence of spirituality.  The kingdom of Nepal is nestled at the foothills of Himalayas and for that matter the place is known as the abode of snow. The terrain is bequeathed with picturesque sunsets and magnificent panoramic views, Buddhist monasteries, revered temples and a few time-honored churches. Also acknowledged as the abode of snow, Nepal is blessed with the geographical phenomena.
Nepal Tours renders you a prospect to savor the generosity and mysticism of the spiritual kingdom of Nepal. Cuddled between the mountain ranges, the province of Nepal grab a chance and enables its visitors to indulge in some of the exciting and enlightening trekking and adventurous tours. On top of it, the kingdom boasts off an array of gorgeous temples and long established Buddhists monasteries. Certainly, acknowledged as the land of picturesque sunsets and glorious panoramic sights, Nepal will let you to encapsulate many interesting memories that you will cherish throughout your life.
So, guys what are you waiting for, just gear up and plan to witness the breathtaking landscapes in this splendid kingdom, opulent history and culture. However, you will not be able to realize how beautiful Nepal is, until you read this article, written by the aficionados of travel and tourism.
The hotspots of Nepal are:
Swayambhu: Swayambhu is credited as a pristine and pious stupa portraying the holy Lord Buddha in his most pure form. The site emanates the omnipresent serenity and deep-rooted spirituality, truly enthralling the soul of the visitor.

Pashupatinath Temple: Pashupatinath temple is another big hotspot and is frequented by throng of pilgrims and sages. Literally ‘Pashupatinath’ is defined as the ‘lord of the animals’.  Dedicated to Lord Shiva who appears to sit in his imposing avatar dominating over all other creatures. The premises of temple also hosts a plethora of monkeys, can be found playing around in the temple. The building also houses a cremation site.

Durbar Square: Durbar Square is yet another enchanting crook where one smacks into a number of old architecture permeating both spiritualism and a historical essence. Abode to plethora of temples, the site has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The most admired attractions of the place are Ashok Binayak, Taleju Temple, Shiva-Parvati Temple, Kumari Palace and Narayan Temple.
Durbar_Square_BhaktapurAnnapurna Circuit Trek: After fetching in the spiritual essence in your tour, now is the time for soothe your feet, itching for some adventure and trail the track of the Annapurna Circuit Trek under your Nepal Tour Packages. The site is splendidly beautiful showing you a trekking route, which offers a cornucopia of open-air activities including trekking, rock climbing and horse riding.
Annapurna Circuit

Narayanhiti Palace Museum: Unearth the unexplored places of Nepal like the Narayanhiti Palace Museum. The edifice is used to be served as a palace for the King, however in the recent times only it has been transformed into a museum and is also claimed as a tourist spot. This ancient structure has some enduring peculiarity, enfolded within its walls.

Narayanhiti Palace Museum

Narayanhiti Palace Museum

Nepal Tourism certainly gratifies the soul in quest for adventure and rejuvenation, which has resulted it into one of the admired places in the tourism map of Asia. The province is acknowledged as the abode of Himalayas and has a myriad of tales to be told. Visit the land and explore the kingdom of Nepal with its diversified culture, custom, color and cuisine.


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