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goa carnival

Goa is a small state of India with its capital at Panaji. This state is known for its vibrant celebrations that continue all round the year. The rich cultural heritage of Goa along with its unique biodiversity attracts people from all across the world. The sun soaked beaches are the main attraction of Goa. The culture of Goa is a pure combination of the Portuguese and Indian elements. Festivals of all religions are celebrated in Goa with full enthusiasm and joy, may be Christmas, Goa Carnival, Feast of Three Kings Food Festival, and so on.
History of the Goa Carnival!


The Goa Carnival is one of the most popular events that take place in Goa every year and this usually lasts from three to four days. It falls between the 9th February and the 12th February every year. During the Carnival period, the nights in Goa become live, full of zest and zeal. Even the streets are lighted up with floats, dances, lively processions and the drumming of guitars along with other non stop celebrations. Hitherto this event was limited only to the locals but today its fame has reached all over the world and thus tourists from far away countries visit Goa during this time to enjoy this amazing carnival. In one word, this festival is a part of the culture of the local people and they wait all around the year to celebrate this joyous festival. They start the preparations from the month of December. This unique carnival includes lots of dance and music which makes the evenings delightful and flashy, reflecting the true vibrant culture of Goa state. It includes lively musical parades followed by lavish floats which are the main attraction of the carnival.

Goa carnival

The reason of celebration of this festival
This is an exclusive carnival of Goa that was started by the Portuguese who used to rule over this state almost 500 years ago. When “King Momo” took over the state, the people celebrated their joy for 3 continuous days and nights. This has become a tradition and today it is celebrated in a more lively and vibrant style. Moreover, the Portuguese were very much influenced by the culture of the Romanians and Greeks from which the Lent concept was evolved. Their festivities and beliefs inevitably arrived with them on the subcontinent of India when they invade the land. This aura of this wonderful festival reaches all the corners of the state. During these days they are putting of colorful masks and fancy clothing.

Goa carnival

Lent – the well known tradition of the Goan locals
Goa is a beautiful state in India and is widely known for its sun soaked beaches and vibrant festivals all around the year. The Goa carnival is celebrated every year before the Lent. According to the traditional practices lent is the time during which the locals do not celebrate any parties nor do they eat any kind of rich food products like dairy products, meat, fats etc. This is followed in the memory of Lord Jesus who had spent almost 40 days in the wilderness. During the Lent people abstain themselves from all kinds of merry making and rich foods, recalling only the account of the bible. After these 40 days are over people start joyous celebrations of this carnival where all of them get together to celebrate and party.

Goa carnival

The slogan and motto of “King Momo” – the richness of this carnival
The largest parade is followed through the capital of Goa state that is Panaji and is always led by King Momo”. Every year different people are chosen to become the king and his slogan is “‘khaa, and piye majja kar”. The dancers are the main centers of attraction. This festival is dotted with riotous music, food stalls and street dancing. The festival has its own multicolored essence and although it is a festival of the Christians but still people of various cultures and religions have accepted it widely. During the 4 days of the carnival, the state is laden beautifully with several man made decorations and colorful lights that makes the city lively altogether.

Goa carnival

Features of Goa Carnival
This event is a rich combination of dance, Hindu traditions, western dances and gaiety. The evenings are delightfully flowed by ball dances. Goa carnival is just a bash, and if you love to hang out during the night then nothing else can be more ideal for you. During this carnival people stay out for the whole night enjoying and partying. The food stalls are also the main attraction for the tourists and the city is decked with all the mouth watering tasty cuisines of the world. It includes not only the special dishes of Goa state but also a variety of cocktails that you cannot find anywhere.

The Reign of King Momo -

The marching of the parades and the other stunning cultures that are celebrated in the festival
Goa carnival is meant for people of all ages especially for the new generation who usually have the penchant for night parties and hangouts. This event brings people together from all around the world. Colorful Parades are taken out throughout the night and the event also includes circus, street parties and mask dances. This carnival includes frolic and fun along with dance and savoring food items. This carnival highlights their own Konkani dance culture, shaking their body, wearing the colorful masks and playing the drums and the guitars under the open air. It includes several other unlimited activities like historical themes and beautiful dance forms by the attendees. Red and Black dance is one of the most important parts of the Goa Carnival and it takes place on the last day of the event, held by the Club National.

Goa carnival

When you have had enough of partying and merry making, you can go for enjoying the awesome Goa beaches that will surely carry you away to some fairy land. The beaches are dotted with colorful sands and mind blowing servings of cocktails!
Booking of tickets
If you plan to visit the wonderful festival then it is suggested to book your flight tickets in advance as well as the hotels because otherwise it can be too late to get the bookings. This festival was originally meant for adults, but now children can also take part in the parades.
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