The hottest tourist destinations of India

The cradle of Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism, the cultural land of India is worldwide famous. It is one of the most exotic and opulent country on the planet. The terrain has been irresistibly attached to the rich culture, tradition, heritage and breathtaking natural beauty of India.

In the spiritual land of India, each blow of the wind whispers in the ears of its tourists and residents about its entrenched culture and heritage. Have a thrilling experience in India with its exotic hill resorts, pristine beaches with scintillating waters, historical monuments, golden desserts, tranquil backwaters, pilgrim spots and colorful festivities. Capture the lost historical past of India, which will imprint its reflection on the hearts of its visitors as this legendary land has everything to offer to its tourists and visitors.

Stroll down the streets of India and explore its cultural and traditional states and provinces to witness with a closer view the resplendent colors and prosperous cultural locales. Here below are some of the heart-stirring tourist destinations in India, such as:

Kashmir: Aptly described as the paradise on earth, Kashmir enjoys a privilege of being the favorite place of kings and rulers, from the times of the great Mughals and of course the beautiful and charming Dal Lake. Also acknowledged as Switzerland of Asia, Kashmir is all seen with beautiful view of shikaras, the houseboats of Kashmir.

 Kashmir Tour

Goa: The beach destination of India, Goa is a perfect place to have an enjoyable vacation. The beauty of nature here is spread with utmost purity, giving you a view of the serene and exotic beaches with white pristine sands and azure blue water. Bask under the sun in the white sands and not to miss its nightlife by taking a tour to the other world in the cultural land of India.

Goa Beach

Kerala: In the southern part of India, take a tour to the serene state of Kerala, God’s own country, flanked by coconut groves. Explore the splashes of the backwaters in Kerala and of course do not miss its beautiful ride on houseboats of Alleyppey. Just be in the lap of nature and rejuvenate yourself in this incredible part of incredible India.

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